Pi2Mes offers solutions for line management. Customers ask us:

How can we manage our production line efficiently?

How can we integrate ERP into our production and vice versa?

How do we increase the involvement of our operators?

What data must we collect and how can we integrate this with our ERP?

How can we reduce misprints and errors on labels?

In case of a recall, can we trace all used materials?

Our solutions go beyond automation. With our knowledge on automation and packaging we improve the production process with our customers!

Are you able to see the efficiency of your production line in real-time?

Is your operator involved in the registration process?

Are you doing it right the first time?

We will help you with your effectiveness and efficiency challenges. Depending on your specific situation we can offer you a standard or a bespoke solution.

How can we collate all information so it will be available for all users?

Who will use the information and how can we develop a user friendly interface?

What information do we need to improve our process?

These are just some of the questions our customers ask us. Your production environment offers a wealth of usable information. Pi2Mes helps you to convert the raw data into valuable information for improvement. Depending on your question and desired level of integration we can determine the best solution!

Most food news facts are recall related. Safety and reliability are key in food production. The majority of recalls exist because of wrong information on printed labels. Of course prevention is always best, but in case of trouble it’s good to know that the right data is stored and is available on demand.

The way we treat our environment is becoming increasingly important. As a producer your want to make your contribution, but the first step is knowing how much energy you consume. The Energy Management System of Pi2m gives you a detailed, real-time overview.