OEE & Downtime analyses
How efficient are our machines?
Did the nightshift reach their targets?
What is our current production versus planned?
What are the main downtime reasons?
What is our Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)?

Some of these questions are hard to answer, however Pi2m can develop a solution to make the answers easy to find. Most OEE is between 30% and 50% due to production loss in time and in quality. By monitoring your production line you can identify the causes of these losses, and do something about them.
The Pi2m OEE & downtime module (or Pi2Mobile) can generate user specific reports based on the registered information.

Advantages of the OEE & downtime module:

  • Real-time information
  • User specific reports
  • Registration by order, machine, shift of given time interval
  • Instant feedback for operators
  • Paperless
  • Pareto-analyses for focus on the right problem
  • No external data link required
  • Integration with other MES-functionalities possible

Pi2mobile Pi2mobile

Energy Management System
What is my energy consumption?
Where do I find opportunities to save energy?
Which production line is the most efficient?
How much energy do we generate ourselves?

Some of these questions are hard to answer. With the Energy Management System of Pi2m they become easy. If you are lucky your organization measures its energy consumption. Mostly this is done the “old school” way, manually collecting data on a monthly basis. If everything goes as planned you will have the results the next month! This can be done much more efficiently. The EMS gives you real-time data to work with. .

EMS gives you the opportunity to:

  • Meter your energy consumption and generate reports bases on consumption per week, month, or any given time interval
  • Analyze your meter data to find and quantify routine energy waste
  • Generate reports per department, production line etc.
  • Set alarms for high (or to low) energy usage
  Advantages of the EMS:
  • One system for gas, electric and water usage
  • Data is real-time
  • Reports for different users
  • Faster response on extremes
  • Detailed data collection